The problem:
Regular callouts to a foul water pumping station were flagged by our job management system. The pumping station was failing due to a regular build up of fibrous material around the impellors of the motors. This was causing regular overloads to shut down the pumping station.

The investigation:
After a site full site review we recommended that a different type impellor be fitted to the pumps to eliminate the fibrous material and hence the number of costly unscheduled call outs.

The solution:
Despite the pumps being old and discontinued we were able to source new impellors in Germany to suit. They required slight modification however were the best fit for the issue. Failure to find replacement impellors would have resulted in new pumps being required. In addition, the pumping station would have needed modification of the rails, discharge pipe work and an upgrade of the controls.

The end product

Since the installation of the impellors in January 2010 we have not received an unscheduled call out to this pumping station providing the client with a saving in the region of £1500-2000. Our ability to source and modify the impellors saved the client approximately £8000 in additional works and changes to the pumping station.