The problem:
Pollution reported by the Environment Agency in pond.

The investigation:
The Fire Training school surface water run-off was polluting the pond. We carried out a CCTV condition survey of the area and found large fractures of the pipe work. As a consequence tidal water was breaching the flood valve. During high tides the system including the oil separators were flooded with seawater making them inefficient and causing hydrocarbons to enter the pond.

The solution:
Through careful evaluation of possible solutions there were two options. To remove and repair the existing pipework within the sea headwall a significant amount of work would be required. Not only would multiple civil disciplines be involved but the cost and long-term disruption to the training school would have been prohibitive. The second and preferred option was the installation of a resin-impregnated sleeve over the fractured areas. With works being scheduled around the training school’s busy periods no disruption was caused.

The end product
The drainage system is now functioning correctly and is water tight at high tides.